C-HPP symposia

The 21st C-HPP symposium will be held in Saint-Malo, France, May 12-14, 2019


The C-HPP symposium is the annual symposium of the Human Proteome Project (HPP). The C-HPP symposium makes it possible to make a point of progress of the global program of characterization of all the proteins encoded by the human genome. At the official launch of the project in 2010 and for pragmatic reasons, human proteins were distributed by chromosomes carrying the genes that code them. Each chromosome has been "adopted" by a country. To date 89% of the proteins corresponding to coding genes have been characterized. There are 2186 missing proteins that have not yet been identified by mass spectrometry. National teams participating in the HPP (Chromosome teams) meet twice a year on the occasion of either a dedicated annual sumposium or on the margins of the annual HUPO congress.

The 21st edition of the C-HPP symposia will be organized by France, wich is responsible for chromosome 14. The event will take place at the Hotel France & Chateaubriand, which is located inside the fortified city, May 12-14, 2019.

Focused on “Illuminating the Dark Proteome”, the symposium will be an important milestone for the uPE1 project and will include speakers from the B/D-HPP discussing the functionalization of the dark proteome.

We wish that the wonderful location and relaxing atmosphere of Saint-Malo will allow you to exchange fruitfully and informally with C-HPP symposium participants.

There will be a 100 € fee to attend the symposium to defray the catering costs. Participants will be able to pay that fee via the Registration and room reservation form. Each Chromosome team finances the travel of its coordinator and each of these national teams is free to finance the particpation of other personnel. National proteomics societies will offer scholarships to participate to the 21stC-HPP symposium.

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