List of benefits

In order to help you to carry out your research project and to advise you as good as possible in your proteomics approach, we suggest answering your biological questions with our complementary skills in specific proteomics technologies. Our experience allow the most appropriate possible use, in the context of your research, of technology of...

  • Biochemistry :
Protein fractionation, protein separation and purification, enzymatic digestion

  • Classical and functionnal systematic proteomics :
1D electrophoresis and nanoLC-MS/MS protein identification (also used for the emphasis and the identification of proteins partners)
  • Differential proteomics :
Relative quantification by mass spectrometry without isotopic labeling : the Label Free technology.
  • Targeted proteomics:
Phosphoproteome analysis

  • In situ proteomics :
The MALDI imaging : From cryosections of tissues