Technological offers


To help you carry out your research projects and advise you as best as possible in your approach, we offer to answer your biological questions thanks to the mastery of a set of specific proteomics technologies. Our experience allows the most appropriate use possible, in the context of your research projects, of an array of techniques:

Sample preparation:
  • Total protein extraction
  • Fractionation of complex samples (1D electrophoresis, UPLC, Liquid vein IEF...)
  • Protein separation and purification
  • Enzymatic digestion(s)

Shotgun proteomics :

  • Protein identification by nanoLC-MS/MS. Also used for the characterization and identification of proteins partners

Differential proteomics :

  • Relative quantification by Label free mass spectrometry

Analysis of post-translational modifications:

  • e.g., Phosphoproteome analysis

In situ proteomics :

MALDI imaging mass spectrometry on tissue cryosections for the in situ characterization of proteins or small molecules.